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How a CV helps you

Having a solid reputation is one way to get jobs. But what if the hiring manager doesn’t know you? A CV is the best way to introduce yourself to new employers.

A great CV should show your most relevant work-related information — and not much else. Employers have to look at a lot of CVs. Yours should be laid out so that employers can find what they’re looking for in a few seconds.

What should your CV include? We've talked to recruiters and employers in construction, and put together this list.

What to put on your CV

A short intro

This will add a bit of your personality, and show you can communicate.

Details of your qualifications and tickets

Your tickets are one of the first things employers will look for, especially the expiry dates because often these are what the end client has asked for. List all your tickets in a table so they’re easy to read.

Tip: Even your expired tickets are worth including, as they show you’re easily able to learn it again if needed.

Relevant work history

Don’t say you had a paper round when you were ten (unless you’re applying for work in a post office). Seriously, only include work history that’s relevant. For your last 2 or 3 jobs, write a short paragraph that includes (a) a responsibility you had, (b) an action you took, and (3) the outcome you achieved. Keep it short and sweet.

2-3 referees

Employers rely on referees (your previous managers) to confirm you are who you say you are, and you’re good at your job. Make sure you ask your ex-managers if they’re happy to be your referee, and add their full name, job title, and company name to your CV. Don’t add their contact details.

Tip: You’re probably wondering why you shouldn’t add your referee’s contact details. There are two benefits of this: first, it forces the employer to ask you to provide the details, which tells you that they’re taking your application seriously and allows you to prepare. Second, it stops your referee from getting spam calls.

Give your CV a name

When employers get CVs, they store them on their computers alongside millions of others. Your CV needs to stand out from the crowd, clearly indicating what you do. Therefore, save your CV like this example: Joe Bloggs_CV_Electrician

Keep it up-to-date

Don’t forget to update your CV regularly, adding new tickets, work experience and referees as you go.

Here’s one we made earlier

Click to download.

If you think we’ve missed something, let us know.

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