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Construction's mental health crisis


The following insights came out of our discovery activities, which include interviews, diary studies, fake door testing, and acting as assistants to tradespeople.

🔮 Insight #1: In 2020 in the UK, 40 tradespeople died as a result of workplace accidents, compared with 454 who committed suicide.

🔮 Insight #2: At odds with the reports of agency worker stigma we’ve heard, supervisors have reported that agency workers can be very good. Unlike in the past, when agency workers “tended to be passed it,” today it seems many more younger people are choosing to be agency workers for the higher earnings.

🔮 Insight #3: The Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) runs a Labour Loan Scheme. This allows ECA members (electrical contractors) to temporarily lend or borrow electricians from one another. We’ve heard that contractors prefer using the Labour Loan Scheme over recruitment agencies because they are more assured that electricians will be well-trained and well looked after.


In this section, we share something we’ve learned that could help tradespeople get an advantage at work.

Add keywords to the ‘Main skills’ section of CV-Library to attract more relevant job leads. When you’re looking for work, you can make technology work for you by inserting a string of relevant keywords in the ‘Main skills’ section of your CV-Library profile. When you visit CV-Library, its algorithms will detect that you’re browsing, automatically use your keywords to notify recruiters, who will then contact you with job offers. Be warned though. We’ve heard that a lot of recruiters will ignore your preferred commuting distance and call you anyway, so be prepared to field a lot of irrelevant jobs before you find the one you want. Here’s a list of keywords that an electrician might add to their profile:

electrician, NVQ, electrical, ipaf, ECS, JIB, Level 3, 18th, 2365, gold card, first fix, second fix, fault finding, scissor lift, containment, wiring, lighting, power, fire alarm, data

We want to help make construction work for everyone. Let your colleagues know that we’re here to understand and solve the most painful problems they face at work. Look out for more updates in two weeks.

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