Worker experiences during COVID-19

Construction sites operating during the COVID-19 pandemic needed to ensure they were protecting their workers & minimising the risk of spread of infection.

earwig wanted to help paint a picture of how well the guidance was followed. To do this, we asked workers for anonymous feedback on their experiences, which we published here daily.









Have hand-cleaning facilities at entrances and exits been provided? If so, are workers required to use them?

Have staggered start and finish times been introduced to reduce congestion and contact?

Have entry systems that require skin contact (e.g. fingerprint scanners) been removed or disabled?


Has it been possible for workers to sit 2 metres apart from each other whilst eating to avoid all contact?


Have you been asked to do any work that requires skin to skin contact?


Has re-usable PPE been thoroughly cleaned after use and not shared between workers?


An industry overview of how well construction companies protected their workers

earwig is committed to closing the informational gap between what workers experience on-site and what construction companies are aware of.

Through earwig's survey of workers on sites around the country, we built a national picture of COVID protection measures during the early stages of the pandemic.


The data we collected enabled:

  • construction companies to understand how their operating procedures compared with the industry 

  • workers to prioritise sites that were responding well to COVID, and understand how their experiences on-site compared with other workers

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