Today's workers choose better

We help tier 1 contractors collect worker sentiment data and create solutions that improve visibility, quality and productivity through happier workers.


Happier workers create better outcomes

Our data analysis tools and unique expertise in worker psychology help you target resources effectively towards achieving your goals – from attracting talent and promoting wellbeing, to reducing churn and legacy costs, and increasing productivity.

How we help

We deliver rapid, data-driven solutions for better building sites in three simple steps:


1. We collect sentiment data that's otherwise hard to collect

Using best-practice methodologies that are anonymous and secure, we gather data from your whole workforce, including temps and agency workers.


2. Identify opportunities for impact, helping you make change that lasts

We give you data-driven insights and quick wins with fast turnaround, and provide evidence-based strategies for continuous improvement.

3. Measure your impact, driving long-term optimisation

To maximise the value of your initiatives, we gather additional data to measure the impact that solutions have had on-site – closing the loop between workers and contractors.


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We started on building sites


Harrison Moore

Sparky & Founder

Before founding earwig, Harrison was a JIB electrician for 15 years, working on commercial, industrial and rail projects. Now we're a purpose-driven team who want to bring people in construction closer together. 

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Get an edge by building the best workplaces

Tier 1 contractor looking to enhance your sites? Discover how we're using worker sentiment data to improve the construction industry for workers whilst delivering better outcomes for contractors.

Why worker wellbeing matters now


Skilled worker shortage

The skilled worker shortage is increasing costs (recruitment, wages) and eroding profits.

Construction job vacancies in 2021 were at their highest level since records began (ONS).

Rising costs are hurting contractors after the lowest recorded first-half profits in 5 years (EY).

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Mental health crisis

Construction workers have the highest suicide rate of any profession, with low-skilled workers at highest risk. 


13 times as many construction workers die by suicide every year than by workplace accidents. 


This makes mental health one of the most important Health & Safety issues for the industry. 


Wellbeing = productivity

Workers with mental health issues have more absences, are more likely to leave jobs, and are less productive.


Studies have also proven a causal link between increased wellbeing and increased productivity.


By taking action to understand and promote worker wellbeing, you can impact bottom line on site. 

Today's workers have more job choice than ever before, and more ways to measure what good work looks like.


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