Today's workers choose better

earwig is a worker feedback service that gives tier 1 contractors strategies for attracting and retaining the best available talent.

What motivates workers to come to your sites, and stay?

Today's workers have more job choice than ever before, and more ways to measure what good work looks like.

Will I be valued?

Will I be heard?

Will I have agency?

earwig offers a full service to help tier 1 contractors adapt to this new era – from collecting feedback to providing strategies for impact.

Get the feedback required

We use best-practice feedback collection methods that are anonymous and secure.

to anticipate challenges

We provide a specific, measurable strategy for enhancing your sites.

and promote success stories.

We provide promotional materials you can use to attract available talent.

Prioritising issues.

Delivering impact.

Enhancing workplaces.

We're a purpose-driven team with experience on the tools







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Before starting earwig, Harrison was a JIB electrician for 15 years, working up and down the UK on commercial, industrial and rail projects. Ben is a designer of user-centred solutions. Emmanuel is a programmer who's from a family of plasterers.

Together we want to bring people in construction closer together. Our office is in Holborn, London. Come and say hi!

We’re backed by Europe’s leading tech-for-good investors.

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Build the best workplaces to attract the best workers

Tier 1 contractor? Find out where we've been so far, and ask us to work on your projects, by sending us an email. We look forward to meeting you.